My Portfolio

It is truly my desire to create the kind of pictures that will be cherished forever. Below are some samples from the over 200 weddings I have photographed.

Newly married couple walking down the aisle after their wedding
Outdoor tattooed bride with short hair looking over her shoulder while holding a bouquet of flowers.
A father escorting his daughter down the aisle at a wedding
A groom and his groomsmen looking sharp in their matching tuxedos share a toast before wedding
Close up picture of a bride slipping the ring on her new husbands hand during their wedding
Celebrating couple are happy as the exit their wedding surrounded by family and friends
Two brides in white wedding dresses sharing a tender moment and laughing after just being married.
A bride's Mom and Dad kiss her cheeks
Close up picture of a groom adjusting his cuff links before his wedding.
Closeup picture of a bride holding her bouquet with a rosary beads accent
Brides in white wedding dresses kissing as they leave their wedding and head to Happily Ever After
Black & White outdoor picture of newlyweds kissing under tress with the sun behind them.
A newlywed couple hug at their outdoor wedding
Inter faith bride and groom exits their wedding