Wedding Planning - How To Find & Choose A Photographer

Finding and choosing a photographer for your Central Florida wedding will be one of the hardest choices for most couples. It can be one of the largest expenses of a wedding. It is also the one with the longest impact since the pictures are what will be left after the food is eaten and guests have gone home.

Knowing how to choose a photographer and the many other decisions that go with planning a wedding can be stressful. It's just really hard to even know where to begin when shopping for something you've never given much thought or have experience with. Here I will outline the ways to find photographers and then what to look for once you've identified ones you want to consider hiring for your wedding.

Google A quick internet search will yield a bunch of results. Keep in mind the first page results will likely be filled with paid results (advertisers) so be sure to check out the first 4 or 5 pages.

Referrals Check around with your friends who were recently married. Ask them for their honest opinions of their photographer. But don't take their word for it. The right photographer for someone else doesn't make them the right fit for you.

Wedding Expos Wedding shows are a great resource for finding many different vendors at one time. Keep in mind there is a limited amount of time so I highly suggest making first contact with vendors you like then after the show scheduling a consultation for them. This way you aren't spending all your time only getting to meet one or two vendors.

Wedding Web Sites Sites like Wedding Wire and The Knot are full of vendors. Once again, keep in mind the best ones for you may not be among the top results. The top results are for for vendors who are paying top dollar to be featured their. Guess who those expenses get passed along to.

Using the methods listed above it's good to narrow down your search to 2-4 photographers for consideration. Any more than this and you can really get into information overload. Then you can begin digging deeper into each photographer by reviewing their websites & social media accounts. If they still are in consideration reach out to them for more information or a consultation. Here are some things to look for or ask when narrowing them down.

Do you like their style of pictures? Only choose photographers whose style you like. Look at the pictures they have online closely, are they from actual weddings or staged shoots with models. You wan to see actual wedding pictures when there isn't time to set up everything to perfection. You want to see the real deal when everything happens fast. You can even request to see a full gallery from wedding so you can see what that photographer delivers for a full wedding.

Are they licensed and insured? Sure, this isn't going to directly effect your wedding but it does demonstrate that you are working with a professional. You are going to be trusting this person to preserve the memories of your wedding, you deserve a professional.

Are they within your budget? If your wedding photography budget is $3,000 and their packages start at $5,000 then you can quickly cross them off the list. Some photographers don't list their prices online so you may need to reach out to them directly. (yeah, that's a pain in the ass.)

Do you like them? If everything else looks good, take their personality into heavy consideration. This person is going to be with you for a long time on your wedding day. You want it to be someone you get along with, not someone who gets on your nerves.

So there you have it, some quick tips to get you on your way to finding a photographer. I've got a very in depth Wedding Photography Guide and Checklist that will make you even more informed while photographer shopping. It's free and I'd love to send it to you. Just sign up by clicking here.