If you are single and looking for someone to share your life with, odds are you have checked out dating sites and apps. Just like the real world digital dating can be a harsh process of going through many "hell-nos" to find one "maybe." The good news is there are steps you can take to greatly increase your odds of attracting quality prospects who interest you.

Each site or app uses it's own methods to connect you with the people who match your interests. One thing each site has in common is profile pictures. The profile picture is the first thing displayed. It is the first impression you make to the dating world. Profile pictures can make or break your opportunity to meet the right person for having a quality relationship. A good profile picture gets people to read your profile while a bad one gets them to swipe left within a second.

We can all agree that quality pictures on a profile are important. Luckily this is something you can control thus improving your odds for a good match. Here are some good tips to follow.

Obvious Tips I'll start with a few general things that should be obvious yet are often seen in profile pictures. Your pictures should be current (within 6 months), not blurry and well lit. No closeups of your body parts unless your looking for a hook up instead of a relationship.

No Fishing Catfishing isn't cool, EVER! Seriously, what's the point of misrepresenting who you are and what you look like. You are just wasting everyone's time and will probably end up hurting someone. Why would anyone do this? People's feelings are not a game to be played with.

Mix It Up It's best to have between 4 and 10 pictures on your profile. Repetition is bad here. It's best to have a variety which show off who you are and your interests; close-up portraits, full body shots, dressed up, casual, action, serious and fun are some of the many options. It's also good to have a mixture of professional pictures, selfies and amateur pictures.

Fill The Frame People are looking at the pictures to look at you not the entire mountain or castle behind you. You are the center of attention here. A picture from a cool place you've traveled can still convey the destination while having you up close and the primary subject.

Include Activities Ideally you will find someone who likes the same activities as you. Be sure to include a picture doing what you want to enjoy doing with a partner. Examples; boating, running, outdoor dining, sports (watching or playing), wine tasting, beach, theme parks.

Group Pictures In general, group pictures aren't good on dating sites. It's hard for a stranger to identify you and they are only interested in you, not your friends.

Filters & Duck Faces No No No Just don't do it. People want to see what you look like, not what snapchat can make you look like. Duck face is only cool if you are 14 or actually being photographed with a duck. HaHa

Portfolio Review Collectively the pictures on your profile are a visual portfolio of you. It can be hard to be objective about your own portfolio. Have a friend help you choose which ones to include or leave out.

Tips For Men Wear dark blue or black. Looking slightly away from the camera adds mystery and shows off a strong jawline. Keep your shirt on. No pictures of you with dead things (fish/deer) or guns (are you a serial killer).

Tips For Women Make eye contact with the camera. Be flirty if that is your personality. Wear red to stand out in a sea of neutral color profile pictures.

Did those tips make you rethink your current profile pictures?

Here's the good news. I'm available to help you with great pictures for your dating profile and it's very affordable. Check out these options.

Testing The Waters $75

  • 30 Minute Shoot
  • Single Location - Downtown Kissimmee or Kissimmee Lakefront Park
  • One Outfit
  • 5 Edited Digital Images

Finding Love $125

  • 1 Hour Shoot
  • Two Locations - Downtown Kissimmee & Kissimmee Lakefront Park
  • Up To 3 Outfits
  • 15 Edited Digital Images
  • Professional Portfolio Review

Additional Details

I'm able to keep the two above packages at a low price because it is close to home and I can book multiple shoots per day. If you would like an alternative location or longer amount of time I will gladly give you a custom quote to fit your needs.

Final images will be gently edited before delivery. As mentioned in the tips, an overly edited picture isn't a fair representation of you.

Final Images will be delivered digitally via online download. No printed pictures are included.

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Before your shoot we will have a quick chat to discuss your personality and the best pictures to reflect it.Give me a call at 706-725-9512 or email me at Les@HannaArts.com to discuss your shoot and schedule a date.