The Perfect Wedding Myth

The myth is very real, your wedding will be perfect. Every blog you read or website you visit tells you how perfect your wedding day will be. So then when something goes sideways at your wedding, and something will go awry, you freak out. Perfection lost.

I doubt any wedding receives more advance planning and precise timelines than a royal wedding. Just imagine the army of planners, coordinators and assistants whose sole job is to make everything run perfectly. Despite all of that, the unforeseen still happens. Probably the most famous royal wedding was that of Prince Charles and Lady Dianna in 1981. Did you know she had a raging migraine caused by her tiara. She also had a page girl trip over her dress and just before the ceremony Diana managed to spill a bottle of perfume on herself. As if that wasn't enough, she also said Prince Charles's name wrong during the vows.

Princess Diana wasn't alone in royal wedding day gaffs. In 1947, Queen Elizabeth lost her bouquet before the formal pictures. More recently, Will and Kate almost got trampled by a loose horse that had gotten spooked by the crowd and threw it's rider.

Us mere mortals don't stand a chance at perfection if the royals, with all of their money to employ hoards of staff, can have all of these wedding day problems.

Don't despair, there are steps you can take to minimize issues.

Keep things simple, less moving parts means fewer opportunities for shit to hit the fan.

Delegate tasks to multiple people instead of putting to much pressure on one person.

Hire vendors who you know will bend over backwards to help when their duties don't go as scripted.

Most importantly is the attitude you take when something goes not as planned. If you have a melt down nothing will be accomplished and that is what those around you will remember about your wedding. Handle it with grace and the screw up will become just a fond memory that will probably be laughed about for years to come.

The little things that go wrong are what make your wedding perfectly yours, not anyone else's. Embrace them and cherish the moments, planned or not. Most of all, remember it could be worse. At least the gaffs at your wedding aren't happening on an international stage like the royals.