Popping The Question? Hire A Photographer

So you've decided to pop the big question, "Will you marry me?" You've got the ring and are planning a romantic way to ask that he/she will absolutely love. You've gone through all the steps to plan the perfect proposal. Now you're wondering if you should hire a photographer to capture the special moment and if so, how in the hell do you pull it off without her/him getting suspicious.

To the first question, should you hire a photographer to capture the proposal, of course I'm biased so I say yes. In making this decision, consider the gravity of the moment. Being asked to be someone's partner in life is a big moment that many people dream of for many years. It's a very emotional and happy moment, one you will want to remember forever. So of course pictures are naturally a yes.

Even if those things weren't true, there's one more reason to hire a photographer for your surprise proposal. Having a photographer present shows just how far you went in planning the perfect proposal and to what lengths you will go for your future spouse. That's golden.

So now you have decided on having your surprise proposal photographed professionally, how exactly do you pull it off without your partner getting suspicious? I've photographed many proposals and I have to confess to loving the stealthy part of them. Unless I'm hiding in the woods (not ideal) a good cover story is a must. Here are a few ideas....

Winner Winner: I send an email to the person doing the proposing claiming they won a free couples photo shoot. This way they can show the email to their partner and they can both get excited for the shoot. At some point during the "couples" shoot, I can say a predetermined code word or phrase, indicating it's time to pop the question. This is very easy to pull off, unless the person you are proposing to is camera shy and likely to balk at the free photo shoot.

Could you please help me for a moment? This way works great if you think your soon-to-be fiance' may not go for the free shoot or may become suspicious of it. I wait at he predetermined location where you plan to ask for marriage. I'll have my camera gear out and pretend to be taking some pictures. As the two of you approach I will casually strike up a conversation and explain that I have a shoot at this location the following day and am working on my set-up and angles. Then I will ask if you would mind standing in as test subjects so I can make sure everything looks great. Boom, there you have it. We start by doing some "test" shots and then you ask the question. Very easy.

I'd love to photograph the surprise on her/his face when you ask. The tears of joy that quickly follow. A moment neither of you will ever forget forever saved in pictures.

Whether you are planning on proposing in a busy public space or in a secluded romantic setting, a photography plan can be worked out that your future fiance' will never suspect. I'll be happy to help you with it, just give a shout. Contact Les at Hanna Arts Photography