Make Your Wedding Yours

Like everything else, weddings are evolving and it's really exciting to see and be a part of. Those of us in the wedding industry are seeing fewer and fewer strictly traditional weddings. Slowly disappearing are the cookie cutter wedding days where the only variances are the wedding dress, color scheme and dinner menu. Couples are embracing their personalities and incorporating them more and more into their wedding ceremony and reception. Think about the things you and your future spouse love and how you can incorporate them into your wedding day.

Are you Star Wars geeks? I photographed a wedding where the groom wore Star Wars socks and even had Star Wars cuff links. Of course their cake was Star Wars themed as well.

In the picture above, Zack and Lindsey look great in their matching blue. It's not traditional but it looks great and they had a blast.

In March 2018 David & Tabitha got married with both wearing boots and David wore jeans and a vest instead of a traditional tux. They also had a unity whiskey barrel instead of a unity candle. Even their reception center pieces were made from bourbon barrel tops. of course their reception signature drink was Wild Turkey based. Imagine their reception for a moment and tell me they didn't have a blast.

Perhaps the fact that my own wedding was very non traditional is why I love this trend so much. My wife and I got married at Disney's Wedding Pavilion in 2003. Back then non traditional weddings weren't as popular so everyone thought we were nuts. For financial reasons we had a small wedding so that we could afford my wife's dream of getting married at Disney. That meant having just 10 guests at our weekday ceremony. We still wanted to celebrate with the rest of our friends and family so the Saturday after the wedding we rented out our favorite English pub for the afternoon. It was 100% authentic to bar, lot's of wonderful food, music & karaoke, and even a bounce house! Everyone had fun, it's a day we will never forget spent with family and friends.

Bottom line....just do you! I promise you will love your wedding even more if it is personalized to your loves and passions. Some people may not "get it" and have some negative input, but who cares. This is your day, have the wedding you want!