You'll Be Glad To Have These Things

Photography has opened many doors for me, the one I never imagined entering was to the bridal dressing room. As a guy I have spent more hours with brides and bridesmaids getting ready than I had ever dreamed of. Ladies, I'm constantly amazed at the lengths you go to look magnificent. I'm also amazed at how chaotic everything can be with everyone doing hair, make-up and dressing; yet it all comes together at just about the same time.

Time and again I hear shout outs and scrambling to find the same items over and over while the ladies are getting ready. Below is a list of them....

10. Emergency Sewing Kit - The small travel size ones will do.

9. Paper Towels - Bouquets are wet when first removed from vase and will drip on dresses, best to sop up the water.

8. Lighter - A cigarette lighter is handy for loose strings and candles

7. Safety Pins - You never know!

6. Bobbie Pins - Again, you never know!

5. Straws - Once your lipstick is on you will be grateful for a drinking straw.

4. Q-Tips - Always a life saver for many uses. May favorite is for removing make-up buggers after spray makeup. :-)

3. Tissue - You know someone is gonna cry.

2. Double Sided Tape - Wedding dresses, boobs and gravity don't always play nice with gravity.

......and the number one requested item is....

1. SCISSORS - All those new dresses have tags.

Add your useful items to the list in the comments below to help out future brides.