Finding The Best Photographer For Your Central Florida Wedding

Finding the best photographer for your wedding might be one of the toughest parts of planning. Admittedly there are hundreds of wedding photographers in Central Florida to choose from. The variety available to you can be overwhelming. It's enough to drive a person to drink (if an excuse is needed).

In this article I will go over some components of wedding photography that may or may not be important to you. In learning these things you will be able to identify what is important to you and use them as guidance for narrowing down to the photographer you ultimately hire. As with all things related to your wedding, I encourage that you use what is important to you and toss with the rest.

Pricing. The fee photographers charge can be the hardest part to comprehend. They can vary so greatly that it can be mind blowing. Some charge as little as a few hundred dollars while others charge in the tens of thousands of dollars. Both of those figures are on the far ends of the spectrum, but they really are out there. Making it most difficult is that each photographer offers different services, so it's not even as simple as comparing apples to apples. It's more like comparing apples to watches.

For the purpose of this article, let's assume all photographers charged the exact same amount for the exact same service. By doing so we can examine the other key decision points without needing a bottle of wine. Maybe just a couple of glasses will get the job done. :-) Then pricing can come into play after you've decided what is important to you.

Licensing & Insurance Does the photographer have the appropriate city, county and state licenses required to operate their business? Is their business insured? Neither licensing nor insurance will effect the quality of your pictures but they do indicate a level of professionalism. You're wedding memories are to important to be trusted with someone who isn't a professional.

Turnaround Time How long after the wedding will it take to get your pictures? I've heard some photographers take up to one year to deliver the pictures. That's hard for me to understand, but that's their business model. What is acceptable to you? It's unreasonable to expect them to be ready in a few days, but 1 month is a good bench mark. There is no right or wrong here, it's entirely up to what you are comfortable with. Plus knowing the turnaround time in advance can save frustration later.

Second Shooter Will your photographer be working alone or bringing a second shooter? Again, there is no right or wrong here, simply your preference. Keep in mind will be an added expense. With a second shooter you will get more pictures. One photographer can get the job done, the second shooter is often a luxury.

Security What steps does a photographer take to insure your memories are safely captured and stored? There are two steps to the security of your pictures, day of and post wedding. For the day of your wedding the photographer should have multiple cameras, lenses, flashes, batteries and memory cards. Machines break, they must have backups in place if something fails. Post wedding it's more about their file storage and back up methods. What steps do they take to keep your pictures safe in case of computer crashes, theft or disasters.

Personality This one is very personal therefore unique to every couple. Meet with photographers you are thinking of hiring to discuss the topics mentioned in this article. Get a feel for their personality. Do you like them? How about trust? Maybe they get on your nerves. Keep in mind your photographer is going to be with or very near you most of your wedding day. You had better like them or it's gong to be very annoying.

Artistic Style/Capability Take a long look at their pictures. Make certain they create a style you like. Is their style dark and moody or bright and airy? Do you like black and white, color or a mixture of both? Do you prefer candid shots or would you prefer everything to be posed? These are all artistic decisions/styles. Look at the photographers work to make sure it matches your preferences.

Also make sure they have worked in a setting that is similar to your wedding venue. For example, shooting in a dark church can be very challenging so make sure they can do this if your venue is dimly lit. The same is true for the harshness of direct outdoor ceremonies.

Final Delivery How will you receive the final pictures from your wedding? Options for delivery range from cd/flash drive, online galleries, prints, albums and wall art. Online galleries and albums are the most popular methods. Online galleries offer quick delivery, the ability to share the pictures online and you can download them directly. Albums are amazing. Your pictures will never look better than in a high quality album. Albums withstand changes in digital technology, making them timeless for decades of enjoyment.

There you have it. Key considerations for determining the best wedding photographer for you. Make a list of which things are important to you, maybe even rank them. As you research photographers see how they measure up to your list and one another. By doing so you can get closer to comparing apples to apples instead of apples to wristwatches.

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