5 Tips To Avoiding Wedding Disasters

Of course you want your wedding to memorable for all the right reasons. Sure, some funny moments that weren't planned will happen. Those are great memories.

You also want to avoid any unnecessary stress or drama. Am I right? Your emotions will already be on edge from nervousness. You don't need other factors adding to it. So here are 5 tips which can help avoid disaster and stress.

1. Create a timeline, then STICK TO IT Having a timeline is the best way to reduce your wedding day stress and make sure everything gets done. Be specific with it, detail when something is to be done, who is doing it and where. (Example: 2:45pm-3:00pm Blush Flower Shop to deliver bouquets to bridal prep, Hilton Suite 143) Googles docs is a great way to create the timeline and then share it with everyone involved; vendors, wedding party and effected family/friends. Print copies to have on hand on your wedding day also. Make certain everyone understands that sticking to this timeline is important to you and your wedding. This will help prevent anything important to you from falling through the cracks and being forgotten.

2. Back-Up Plans Nothing will ruin your wedding faster than Mother Nature. If you have an outdoor ceremony, make sure your venue has a back up plan for bad weather. Do they have indoor facilities or a tent? Even if your ceremony is indoors, do you have umbrellas available if you have to go outside to get to the ceremony? Maybe even have the ushers escort guests from the parking lot with umbrellas. Not all bad weather is rain. If there is a heat wave plan for bottled water to be given to your guests. Maybe even hand fans. Mostly just be aware of what the weather can be like and have a plan in case the worse case scenario happens. Hope for the best, plan for the worse.

3. Family Drama Nothing can make bad memories or cause a scene quicker than family drama. This is especially true of divorced parents if they don't get along or have problems with new spouses. It's best to address this in advance of the wedding. Have chats with each of them individually. Explain to them how important it is to you for them to be civil, even for just this one day. Explain that you aren't taking sides, love them all and want them to be a part of your special occasion. If they can't do that, ask them to just avoid each other. Worse case scenario, let them know they will be asked to leave if they can't be grown ups. You'll be surprised how far an advance conversation can go. At the very least you will know you did what you could, anything beyond that is on them.

4 Limit Pre Ceremony Alcohol It's not uncommon to have drinks with the wedding party as you are getting ready. These are your closest friends. Just keep in mind that it's going to be a long day. Pace yourself and make sure they do the same. A good way to do this is by having a limited amount of alcohol available and having non alcoholic options available.

5. Have An Emergency Kit Having an emergency kit is easy, can alleviate stress and be a life saver. Even during the early wedding planning stages you can start your kit. Add to it as ideas come to you. Include any items that may be needed or helpful. Here are some of the main things I always hear asked for; scissors, plastic straws, q-tips, first aid kit, tissues, tampons/pads, safety pins, bobby pins, clothing stain removing wipes and double sided clothing tape. Some of these don't seem important now, but you'll be glad you have them if needed. The best part, it's all stuff you already have or will likely use in the future anyway.

There you have it, my top 5 ways you can avoid a disaster at your wedding. You probably don't even have to worry about a couple of them so you are off to a great start.

Have other great tips for avoiding disaster? Share them with other brides in the comments below.